A they/them who has taken over my life and now I talk about myself from the third person. HOTSUPPLY takes inspiration from the places and creatures that they encountered through intergalactic adventures in order to actualize blobjects and art object concepts. They bring a little bit from the future back to the present day to exchange for currency. 

It is art experiencing itself and imagination, realized. 



An invitation only type of place. The digital and spiritual place where we connect and curate my past and present work for other people. Usually to clients or companies who are interested in our experience and want us to work for them. It’s sort of what regular people call a “Introduction Deck”.
You can email me for the invite ︎



Pulling inspiration from our Thai roots, these ghost houses inpired objects serves as a beackon for travel. HOTSUPPLY uses them to return to lands afar, to collect objects and inspiration to bring back to the present timeline. Each temple is formed using the materials found on each unique planet - creating a phyical and spiritual connection to the temples and planets. 



Bridging the gap between our current and future self one step at a time. 

︎ Own a brand
︎ Sell object designs
︎ Exhibition of HOTSUPPLY 
︎ Big brand collaborations

︎ Multiverse experience director